Determine the Best Golf Ball for Your Game

In this section you will determine the correct ball for you based on your current game and type of play. I have divided the page into 3 categories of golfers for easy ball type selection.


Category 1- Novice Golfer

If you are just starting to play or are inconsistent this is your category. Your score is typically 105 or greater for 18 holes and your handicap is over 20. About 50% of recreational golfers fall in this category. You can definitely benefit from a low spinning, 2 piece golf ball.

If you have a slower swing speed (<85 mph), a lower compression ball is in order. If your have a medium or higher swing speed, a firmer construction is a nice bet.

Category 2- Intermediate Golfer

You are fairly accomplished but suffer from the occasional big number (you know, an 8!). You're basically a bogey golfer with a few pars thrown in and a rare birdie. Your scores range from the high 80's to the mid 90's. You have a pretty good handle on your game and are looking to become a little more consistent in order to shoot in the 80's and begin to flirt with the 70's.

The type of ball you should be using depends on a few more factors. If you can hit it reasonably straight and or have a predictable shot pattern, a medium spin 2 piece ball or 3-P hybrid ball would be a good choice. If your shot pattern is erractic, you should stick with a lower spinning 2 piece construction. A great example of a low compression 3 piece ball is the Titleist AVX Golf Ball.

Category 3 - The Accomplished Golfer

You are a skilled golfer and have a handle on most aspects of the game. Your handicap is <12 and you score in the 70's and low 80's. You have command of your swing and hit the ball with authority and consistency. Your touch around the greens is excellent and you have a handful of birdies per round to offset your bad hole.

You need a ball that is long off the tee but provides the feel you desire for the shots around the green and putting; the scoring shots. You would most benefit from a 3-Piece or 4-Piece performance ball.

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