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Now in its 18th year, has been helping golfers all over the world choose the best golf ball for their games.

Important: Due to the speed at which new product enters the market, you will find up-to-date golf ball reviews and ratings in the new 2020 version of our Golf Ball Reviews and Selection Guide (above or below).

A full range of golf balls for players from the highly skilled to high handicap golfers are covered.

Special emphasis is placed on understanding the formula for increased distance, especially for golfers with slower driver swing speeds.

The best golf ball for seniors will maximize carry distance with optimal roll resulting in maximum total distance for a golfer's swing speed, equipment, physical limitations, etc...

In fact, today's products are nothing short of incredible, especially when combined with the amazing advancements in driver and iron designs. It is indeed a great time in history to be playing this great game!

The correct golf ball with explode off the "trampoline-like" faces of today's drivers, resulting in maximum compression and ball speed (see our video and impact compression images inside the Guide).

All the top brands including Titleist, Nike, Srixon, Taylormade, Bridgestone, etc.. are referenced including a breakdown of the composition of the various models.

Low compression, 2-Piece (a core and cover) golf balls on up to 5 piece, "Tour" balls are discussed in detail.

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